Directors & Chairman

The following brethren are serving as Committee chairman or Directors

Rite Care Chairman

Lon C. Tibbetts, 32º KCCH

Director of the Work

Drew C. Sanders, 33º

Membership Chairman

Peter G. Ballantine, 32°

Properties Director

Douglas J. Backes, 33°

Class Committee Director

Leon W. Crockett, 32° KCCH

Reception Committee

Utah Scots Guard

Director of Operations

Clay G. Hamblen, 33°

Director of Sound

William L. Blycker, 32° KCCH

Robe Room Director

John A. Glines, 32º KCCH

Spot light Director

Joseph Hanussak, Jr., 32°

Americanism Chairman

Gregory R Winter, 32°

Education Chairman

Hugo E. Rodier, 32° and Douglas J. Backes, 33°

Web Master

Jason A. Mitchell, 33° & William C. Hall ,32° KCCH