Directors & Chairman

The following brethren are serving as Committee chairman or Directors
SGIG Frank C. Baker, 33º
Personal Representative John C. Liley, 33°
Secretary General** Lawrence K. Fielden, 33°
Treasurer** Allen W. Record, 33°
Almoner** Glen A. Cook, 33°
Tiler** Michael F. Slaughter, 32°KCCH
Rite Care Chairman Lon C. Tibbitts, 33°
Director General Drew C. Sanders, 33°
Membership Chairman Jeremy A. Silveira, 32°
Director of Operations Clay G. Hamblen, 33°
Asst. Director of Operations Jason L. Allred, 33º
Class Committee Director Leon W. Crockett, 33°
Reception Comm Chairman Utah Scots Guard
Asst. Director of Stage Gregory R. Winter, 32°
Asst. Director of Properties Douglas J. Backes, 33°
Asst. Director of Lights Travis M. McGuire, 32° KCCH
Asst. Director of Sound William L. Blycker, 33°
Director of Robe Room John A. Glines, 33º
Music Arrangement Jason L. Allred, 33º
Web Master William C. Hall, 32º KCCH
Americanism Chairman Gregory R Winter, 32°
Ogden Scottish Rite Club James L. Sweet, 32° KCCH
Scottish Rite Club of So. UT James Baker, 32°KCCH
Utah Scots Guard Nate Blanchard, 32°
KCCH Club David P. Beacco, 32°KCCH
Education Committee Steve Angell, 32°KCCH