Secretary’s Corner



The signs and tokens of Masonry are of no small value; they speak a universal language, and act as a passport to the attention and support of the initiated in all parts of the world. They cannot be lost so long as the memory retains its power. Let the possessor of them be expatriated, shipwrecked or imprisoned; let him be stripped of everything he has got in the world; still these credentials remain and are available for use as circumstances require.

The great effects, which they have produced, are established by the most incontestable facts of history. They have stayed the uplifted hand of the destroyer; of the tyrant; they have mitigated the horrors of captivity; they have subdued the rancor of malevolence; they have broken down the barriers of political animosity and sectarian alienation.

On the field of battle, in the solitude of the uncultivated forests, or in the busy haunts of the crowded city, they have made men of the most hostile feelings, and the most distant religions, and most diversified conditions, rush to the aid of each other, and feel a social joy and satisfaction that they have been able to afford relief to a
brother Mason.

…Benjamin Franklin

Lawrence K. Fielden, 33° Secretary General

Lawrence K. Fielden, 33°
Secretary General

The office can now be contacted by using our e-mail address at or Our telephone is 801-363-2936 and the fax number is 801-363-2938

Stated meetings are held at the Salt Lake Masonic Temple, (650 E. South Temple St.), on the second Thursday of each month at 7:30 P.M. except July and August. These meetings are preceded by a dinner in the banquet room at 6:30 P.M. at a cost of $12.00. Special meetings are held for Night of Remembrance and Renewal and the Feast of Tishri.

Dinner Reservations
As we have previously discussed, I would like to once again emphasize the importance of making timely reservations for your meals preferably no later than the Friday preceeding the regular monthly meeting. With ever tightening budgets we just can’t afford to pay for the meals which are not consumed. The purveyors still charge us for them all. If you are on the permanent reservation list and you can’t attend the dinner, please let us know so we can remove you name for that evening.  Make your reservations on line here



Information about dues and fees

To be eligible for the Scottish Rite the petitioner must be a Master Mason, have qualified himself in the catechism of the Third Degree, and be in good standing in a Symbolic Lodge. If Lodge membership is held outside of Utah, a certificate of good standing or a receipt for dues for the current year must accompany the petition. Forfeiture of rights as a Master Mason, for any reason, also results in forfeiture of all rights in the Scottish Rite Bodies.

Fees for the degrees;

Jordan Lodge of Perfection, 4th to 14th, inclusive (including ring)


James Lowe Chapter of Rose Croix, 15th to 18th, inclusive


Salt Lake Council of Kadosh 19th to 30th, inclusive


Utah Consistory 31st and 32nd (including patent, Cap, and BridgeTo Light)





Annual Dues;

Effective January 1, 2009, dues will be,

Jordan Lodge of Perfection,


James Lowe Chapter of Rose Croix


Salt Lake Council of Kadosh


Utah Consistory


* If dues are paid in the Lodge of Perfection no dues are paid in other bodies.

A life membership and perpetual endowment to the Scottish Rite of Utah may be purchased for fifteen times the annual dues.  Beginning 1/1/09 , a lifetime membership may be purchased for $1,425.00.