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The Scottish Rite Foundation of Utah is bringing together educators and parents to focus on language/learning disabilities of young children though the programs provided by the Children’s Learning Center.

In the early 1950’s in Colorado, the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry of the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States initiated a program to help children with speech and language disorders. The results obtained from this program led to the establishment of Scottish Rite clinics to provide diagnostic evaluation and treatment of speech and language disorders, as well as learning disabilities.
Today there are 136 Scottish Rite Clinics, centers, and special programs for children and therapists located throughout the United States. Each facility is staffed by speech-language pathologists or other trained personnel. Through the support of Scottish Rite members, these clinics, centers, and programs continue to increase.

The Program

About the Scottish Rite Learning Center:

The Scottish Rite Learning Center assists families of children with language and/or learning disabilities

The Learning Center Philosophy:

The first, best teacher of a child is the parent. Parents will attend tutoring sessions with their child and receive practical suggestions, for use at home, to better meet the needs of their child.

Entering the Program:

All it takes to enter your child into the program is a simple phone call to the Center. At that time an appointment is arranged to meet with the parent(s), child and staff.

The Parent is the Key to the Success of the Child:

The participation of the parent or other attending adult is essential. When the adult learns along with the child, the concepts taught in the tutoring sessions can be reinforced in the home and the child is much more likely to make significant progress.

How does a Child Qualify for Help?

Children must meet the following criteria:

1. They must have at least one parent or concerned adult who is prepared to carry out a dedicated, consistent program.
2. They must be between three and twelve years of age.
3. They must be classified as language/learning disabled through a recognized diagnostic center or a school district.

As children are accepted into the program they will be matched with tutors as quickly as possible. Tutors then make contact with the child’s school to coordinate learning goals. Teaching materials are identified and provided by the Learning Center without charge to the child and family. Learning activities are designed to build upon the child’s abilities while strengthening his/her areas of educational needs.

How much does it Cost?

There is no cost to the child or family for services received by the Learning Center.

How is the Learning Center Funded?

The Learning Center is funded in whole by donations from Scottish Rite members, public and private foundations, and members of the community.

How can I help?

If you would like to help, you can make a tax deductible contribution to the “Scottish Rite Foundation of Utah”. Be assured that it will only be used for the Children’s Learning Center. There are other way’s in which you may contribute by participating in one of our corporate sponsor programs. For more information please contact us.
You can mail donations to:
Scottish Rite Foundation
650 East South Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84102


Donate here:

Where is the Learning Center Located?

We currently operate two Rite Care learning centers:

Ogden learning center is located at:
3755 S. Washington Blvd. Suite 1A
Ogden, UT 84403
Salt Lake Learning Center is located at:
Salt Lake Masonic Temple
650 E South Temple Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84102

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